My new book trailer!

The awesome new trailer for my awesome new book! (Thank you, Manny!)
You can see even more cool stuff about my book on

Preorder yours today from your favorite bookseller:

And please feel free to share news of my new book with

  • friends
  • relatives
  • librarians
  • and the harried and time-pressed everywhere!

29 thoughts on “My new book trailer!”

  1. Errrr……social media….no thanks! I dont want to do that. But I do enjoy your blog via email and thus. because of that, I have already ordered the book. So thanks for keeping the blog going. Hope this encorages you to still do this.


  2. Oomplah-oomplah, I feel a parade coming on when this book comes out. I pre-ordered it and may buy a couple of more for gifts. I know a couple of people needing the creative nudge to get started again! Thank you for writing this. I know I’ll be amazed by the looks of what I saw on the trailer! Cheers-Darlene


  3. I already pre-ordered the book before seeing the trailer. I trust you Danny 🙂 And now, seeing this, I want to receive it even faster! Till it arrives I’ll just continue to draw-sketch-paint-create. Every day.


  4. You know I would pre-order, but living on the road there would be no place to send it. Sigh… I’m hoping it will be an ebook like several others of yours which I do have on my iPad. Space is at a bit of a premium in a 29′ motorhome and two large collies take up a lot of room.


  5. Danny you are a natural on camera and you have the perfect voice for radio haha. It’s so comforting to listen to! Anyhow, great trailer (btw love the idea of a trailer for a book!). I’m sold and can’t wait till it’s out!


  6. Love the way the book look inside. Full of visuals. Very well done !

    …what is exactly in the little sketch at the bottom of the front cover ?


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