Art Before Breakfast: My Cabinet pt.1

Today, come with me into my inner sanctum: my bathroom cabinet. Therein, you can marvel at the many powerful medications I take and the unguents, potions and salves that keep me looking so boyish and fresh. Open your eyes and uncap your pens.

It’s Friday and time for the next in my series of simple videos on how to see and draw, based on my latest book, Art Before Breakfast. We will use all of the tools I have given you so far — proportions, contours, and negative space — to draw a scene that is complex and varied. I do this exercise regularly to build my powers of observations and work on my fundamentals.

If you’re new to drawing or are struggling with the basics, I hope this series will be helpful. (Here’re the past episodes, in case you missed any.)

Every Friday I work through an idea from Art Before Breakfast. It would be lovely if I could imagine you out there drawing along with me. This particular exercise comes from page 30. If you decide to do it too, please share with me how it turned out! (Share the results on your own blog or on Facebook and post a link in my comments section. Use #artb4bkfst on Twitter or FB).

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