Sketchbook Club: Felix Scheinberger

I took a short break from new episodes of the Sketchbook Club, but I was reinspired by this week’s author. I spent much of the summer forging Felix Scheinberger’s sketches on my iPad as I waited for the release of his newest book, Dare to Sketch, which finally(!) came out a few weeks ago.

(Warning: one of the book shown contains a bit of nudity and bondage)

In this episode, I consider the following books by Felix :

SketchBook Club: My interview with Sara Midda

After I discussed Sara Midda’s classic book “South of France” in an earlier episode, viewers asked if I could get her to join the Club. I could and did — and here’s her first ever video chat interview, in which she discusses her life, her books and her sketchbook habits. Fascinating!

Sketchbook Club: Paul Hogarth

This week the work of British illustrator Paul Hogarth. We’ll discuss the following books by Paul:

Drawing on Life: The Autobiography of Paul Hogarth
Graham Greene Country
Creative Pencil Drawing
Creative Ink Drawing

Study Hall: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

I love this week’s klass in Exploring with one of my idols, Felix Scheinberger. I made a bit of a mess with my homework but then was inspired by an old spaghetti Western. I hope you had fun with your assignment.

SketchBook Club: David Gentleman

This has been a rough week. I was confined to bed by a brutal cold but had to rise from it to take my dogs to the vet for teeth cleaning which led to Poor Tim having ten teeth pulled. So now we are all lying about in our baskets feeling sorry for each other and ourselves.

Despite all this infirmity, I hosted this week’s meeting of the Sketchbook Club to discuss the work of David Gentleman, an amazing British artist, little known on this side of the pond but a treasure at home.

I have learned a great deal from the many Gentleman books in my library. His design, his technique, his wit and insight are impossible for me to fully emulate but it’s nice to have a distant gleaming point on the horizon to aim for.

If you’d like to add any of these books to your own shelves, these are the ones I discuss with links to where you can them. All by David Gentleman:

Alas, David Gentleman doesn’t teach at Sketchbook Skool, but this is what it might be like if he did: